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"Austin's is great. They work with you to get you back in the best of shape after injuries and surgeries between working in the gym or in the pool, which is wonderful."
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Water Aerobics at Austin Physical Therapy Center

Are you looking for a new activity to get some exercise and enjoyment into your routine? It can be hard to stick to an exercise routine, so if you’re looking for a fun way to get your body moving that you’ll actually stick to and enjoy, look no further. Water aerobics are becoming more and more popular, and they’re great for all age groups!

Top Benefits of Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a fun, easy way to get your body moving. It consists of being submerged, usually about waist deep, in water and moving your body in various ways to take on the water’s resistance.

Water aerobics is a healthy mix of cardiovascular and muscular training, and it puts your whole body to work. Here are just some of the benefits water aerobics can introduce to your life:

Cardiovascular Health
Water aerobics is an excellent way to get into shape. You’re moving your whole body, and if you’re in deep enough water, you’re never fully at rest! Even treading water keeps your heart rate elevated.

Joint Health
Water aerobics is a joint-friendly sport with very low impact. When you’re in the water, all you need to do to move is push water out of your way. You aren’t forcefully thrusting heavy weights over your head or putting pressure on your ankles with every step.

Muscular Endurance
Any activity you do in the water comes with muscular endurance. Your body will adapt to keeping your head above the water for longer periods of time, which can easily lead to a decrease in muscular pain over time.

Weight Loss
Water aerobics can burn between 500 and 1000 calories per hour. Compare that to walking, which will only get you between 210 and 360. Water aerobics is ranked as one of the highest calorie-burning exercises out there, right next to lap swimming! But, as anybody who has done them will know, water aerobics are a lot more fun.

Increased Flexibility and Mobility
When you’re underwater, every movement you make has more resistance than you’re used to when you just move on land. This gives your body resistance in directions it isn’t yet adapted to, which will make you more flexible over time.

New forms of social interaction are always a great addition to anybody’s life. If you’re doing water aerobics in a public facility, you’ll get to meet new people and have some great new experiences.

Cooling Effect
Exercising, in general, increases your body temperature, makes you sweat, and makes you feel uncomfortable due to the heat. There is no better exercise to do in the middle of the summer for those who don’t like getting too sweaty.

Leisure and exercise have huge benefits for your mental health, too! Water aerobics can improve your sleep, reduce your anxiety or depression, increase your focus, and even lower your cortisol levels, making it an excellent stress reliever.

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