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Your soft tissues work hard to make sure your body is functioning correctly, so it’s important to help optimize their health and function. As well, when your body is dealing with pain, it can be tough to deal with even the most routine errands. A massage can help you overcome these aches and pains by restoring the blood passages to your back, giving those muscles a quick pick me up in the form of oxygen.

Just a couple of the advantages that massage therapy can provide, include: extremity pain relief, improved blood flow, improved mood, and reduced physical and mental pressure. Massage therapy is also excellent at eliminating the body of toxins. All of the advantages of massage therapy combine to result in an all-natural treatment that can help a person’s body perform at its very best in all dimensions of health.

Hello! I am the Licensed Massage Therapist here at Austin Physical Therapy. I’ve been here since December 2012 and in business since 2008. I feel blessed that I can do what I love with the goal of improving the quality of life for my clients.

Working here with the staff at Austin Physical Therapy Center has proven to be an excellent collaboration of treatments. Whether you have an acute situation, chronic pain, or just want some relaxation, I look forward to scheduling an appointment with you!

Leasa Morrison
Licensed since 2009 from Finger Lakes Community College Massage Program

Phone: 315-651-2965
Email: leasam1@hotmail.com

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